kargoe - the sustainable shopping community app



kargoe - the sustainable shopping community for the next conscious generation.

Shop consciously with impact through the people you really trust and admire. All in-app within a few clicks.

1.8 billion images are being shared every day on social media, with no call to action.

So, why not use social media to take your power back and create social impact? Use the power of shopping to create a new way to share the profits to the people and causes you care about.

Inspire for a better world and generate sales and impact while doing it.


kargoe is free for anyone to join and influence for good -- make posts and tag them with the thousands of products available.

When your friends and followers shop from your posts, CHA-CHING - you receive a commission from the sale, or choose to donate that money to your favorite charity!

There is no shipping required from you when you endorse products, orders are handled by the brands. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your commissions!


See something you like from one of your style icons? Click the tag on their posts to see the products and shop, all in-app in just a few clicks!

kargoe is social shopping, coming from the stores and brands you love, endorsed by the people you trust.

kargoe is all about positive social impact -- kargoecare is our 501c(3) that donates a percentage of our profits to organizations that create solutions for sustainability.