Kargoe FAQ

Getting Started

What is Kargoe?


-       Kargoe is a mobile social shopping platform.  Kargoe levels the playing field for the 99% and provides an opportunity for the individual, artist, craftsman, mom-and-pop retail or service provider to share and sell their work worldwide, free of high storefront rents and costly e-commerce overheads.  We provide the tools for anyone with a mobile device to interact with friends, further expand their network, and monetize their social media by making sales and earning commissions directly from social media posts.

How do I create my Kargoe account?


-       Download the app and complete the simple sign-up process. You will establish a unique username and upload a profile picture to help identify yourself to other Kargoers and begin making new connections.

What type of accounts can I have?


-       There are three types of accounts on Kargoe:

Public: All Kargoe accounts are public. Public accounts are viewable and searchable by any Kargoer.

Merchant: Merchants are granted access to a backend where they can upload and manage “Endorse” inventory. Merchant accounts are always public and can be requested from the “Kargoe Accounts” section on the settings page.

Charity: Legal tax exempt charities are granted backend access to upload content about their company. Once approved users can make donations via donation tags and as a part of purchase and or sale.

How do I open a Merchant Account?

-     To open a merchant account, download the app and signup. Once you have registered, login and open the settings page and view “Kargoe Accounts” where you will “Request Merchant Account.” An application will be sent to you via email and access will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Can I change my username?

-   No you can’t.

Can I change my email?

-    Yes you can. Visit your personal information found in your profile.


Where can I Kargoe?


-   Kargoe is accessible in the US via a mobile app. We have plans to expand internationally soon and will be sure to keep you updated! 


Do I need to provide my banking info to join Kargoe?


-       No, banking information is not required to register on Kargoe.  Everyone is free to socialize, browse and post. However, in order to make sales or endorse products you will need a PayPal account to receive your money.

Why does Kargoe use PayPal?


-       Kargoe uses PayPal to ensure secure transactions between all parties. PayPal’s ease of use, conflict resolution, and variety of payment options make it the best choice for Kargoers to make and receive payments.

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still make a purchase?


-       Absolutely! Kargoers can make purchases via credit or debit card using the PayPal service.



Selling on Kargoe

-       How do I sell on Kargoe? Selling on Kargoe is easy! Users can Kargoetag up to three items for sale in each post. Remember, no product shots on a white background or pictures you don’t have permission to use! 

-       “My Shop” - Offer your stuff to the Kargoe community:

-      Take a photo using the KargoeCam or select a photo from your library that displays the item(s) you wish to sell and tap the next arrow.

-       Tap the Kargoetag icon and choose “My Shop”

-      Input all relevant product info and include a detailed description about the condition of the item being sold. Designate your shipping preferences and set a price that includes the cost of shipping and tap done.

-       Drag and place Kargoetag over item for sale.  

-       Tag friends, add searchable hashtags, caption and location if desired.

-       Confirm the post and share via direct message or post to wall and any other social network.

“Endorse”-  Make some coin endorsing products you don’t own:

-       Take or choose an authentic lifestyle image prominently displaying the item(s) you wish to endorse. 

-       Tap the Kargoetag icon and select “Endorse”.

-       As prompted, search for the items in the Kargoe database  to upload the product info. The product you endorse must be present in the image you are posting.

-       Drag and place Kargoetag over the item you’re endorsing.

-       Repeat the Kargoetag process up to three times per post.  Tag friends and add searchable hashtags and location if desired.

-       Confirm the post and share via direct message or post to wall and any other social network.

What are the fees for selling on Kargoe?


-       Listing your items for sale (“My Shop”) on Kargoe is free. Sellers will incur standard Paypal fees, presently  2.9% + $.30 per transaction in the US.  For more info visit PayPal.

How much do I make from sales linked to my “Endorse” endorsements?

When an item sells endorsers are awarded a variable commission, less any applicable transaction fees. You can preview that amount when setting up an endorsement for a specific item in a Post.

How can I trust selling on Kargoe?

-       Because we use PayPal. PayPal’s dispute resolution protects you from claims, chargebacks or reversals that are a result of unauthorized purchases or items your buyer didn’t receive. With PayPal’s Seller Protection, you are protected for the full amount of all eligible transactions. See PayPal for more information.


What are the basic requirements to be eligible for Seller Protection?


-       Retain online trackable proof of delivery (PayPal requires online tracking to confirm delivery).

-       Send the item to the address on the transaction 'Details' page.

-       Provide a copy of the proof of shipping of the parcel (This helps us ensure that the parcel has been sent to the right address).

-       Where the payment is $750.00 or more PayPal requires the recipient's signature, if the buyer claims the item wasn't received.

-       Only accept payments in full from a single PayPal account.

-       Respond to PayPal’s requests for documentation and other information within the given timeframe.

See PayPal for more information and the full list of requirements.


How can I sell my products faster?

-   Try improving the quality of your listing. To do this:


-       Use the Kargoecam to improve the quality of your photo.

-       Take photos in good light and post the best one. People like to know what they are buying!

-       Review auto-generated hashtags, edit and make additions to improve your product’s searchability.

-       Write a complete and detailed product description so people know exactly what they are buying. This should include condition, make, model number, dimensions, color, or any special technical specification.

-       Time your posts. Make posts at times when your followers will be online to see it.

-    Have you thought about enabling meetup to help sell stuff close to home? Enable “Meet Up” in your settings to connect with neighbors and improve the chances of making a sale.


What if someone asks me to take a transaction offline?


-       Why take the risk? Transactions taken offline are not supported by Kargoe or guaranteed by PayPal. We recommend handling all payments online in-app, even if you have chosen to “Meet-Up” and make the exchange in person.


I made a sale! What’s next?

-       You will receive a notification directing you to your invoice. PayPal will also send a detailed invoice via email. In Alerts you will find all your recent order history which includes the buyer’s meetup or shipping information. If it is a meetup, message the buyer to schedule a time and place to meet. Regardless of fulfillment method, be sure to properly pack the item for safe delivery. If you ship the item, be sure to ship with verifiable tracking number and share it with kargoe so you are covered by PayPal and we all know when the buyer receives the item. This is the only way we know the item was shipped if a dispute arises. Remember, everyone wins when purchases are delivered quickly!    

What if I no longer have an item that I previously listed for sale?

-    You will have to cancel the order and refund the buyer’s money. You can cancel an order by going into Alerts, tapping on the order in question and selecting cancel. Once you select cancel, you will be redirected to initiate a refund through PayPal. Be sure to always keep your posts up-to-date to avoid these problems and keep your friends and followers happy.

What happens when my buyer has reported my item as “not as described”?


-       If an item arrives “not as described” you have the right to return it. If the seller does not accept the return and a dispute arises, you can initiate a claim in the PayPal Resolutions Center. For more info visit PayPal.

What is Kargoe Cares?

-    Kargoe Cares offers Kargoers an opportunity to make direct in-app donations to their favorite charities around the world.

You can designate a certain percentage of every purchase or sale you make on Kargoe to the charity of your choice. Access Kargoe Cares through the Settings, which can be found at the bottom of the side menu bar. Just set the slider and happy donating! Every penny counts!

Purchasing on Kargoe

How can I trust purchasing on Kargoe?


-       All PayPal purchases on Kargoe are offered PayPal Buyer Protection. If an eligible item that you’ve bought online doesn’t arrive, is not authentic, is damaged or doesn’t match the seller’s description, PayPal’s Buyer Protection will reimburse you for the full amount of the item plus postage and packaging costs. For more info visit PayPal.


I made a purchase but didn’t receive confirmation. What should I do?


-       First confirm that you that you made the purchase by viewing your Kargolytics (on tool bar), then locate and tap on the order in question. If it’s there, you made the purchase and can track the item from here if the seller has entered the tracking number. Please double check that the email you are checking is the one on file with PayPal so you can receive and view your invoices.


I accidentally made a purchase. Can I cancel the order?


-      No, you can’t cancel an order on Kargoe. You can attempt to contact the seller via messaging and request a return.


When can I expect to receive my order?


-       Sellers are encouraged to ship all items within 7 days of making a sale. If you have not received an item 14 days after making a purchase, visit your alerts and track the item. If there is no tracking info, message the seller to discuss the status of your purchase. In the event the seller does not respond or a dispute arises, initiate a claim through PayPal’s Resolution Center.



I never received my order. What can I do?


-   PayPal purchases may be afforded PayPal buyer Protection. In the event that you don’t receive an item that you purchased, PayPal may issue a refund. First contact the seller to see if there was some kind of mistake.  If the seller doesn’t provide a resolution you must initiate a claim through PayPal’s Resolution Center.


My order was cancelled! When do I receive my refund?


-       Upon cancellation of an order, a notice is sent by the seller to PayPal to refund the money. PayPal should refund the full order amount to the card or account used to make the purchase. Refunds are typically processed and delivered by PayPal within 3-5 business days. If you have not received your refund within 5 days of the order being canceled, first contact the seller. In the event that the seller does not respond, or a dispute arises initiate a claim through PayPal’s Resolution Center.


What should I do after I receive my order?

-       Open it up and check it out! Make sure it’s what you ordered and has been delivered as described in the listing. If everything looks good let everyone know how you like it by viewing your order history in “Kargolytics” and rating the transaction.

What is Kargoe’s return policy?

-       All sales are final on Kargoe unless the item you receive arrives significantly different than it was described in the original post, is not authentic or is damaged.  In the event this occurs, message the seller to explain the problem and reach an agreement.  In the event that the seller does not respond, or a dispute arises initiate a claim through PayPal’s Resolution Center.  Individual sellers may accept returns, however this is handled directly between the buyer and seller.  The seller must initiate the return through PayPal and Kargoe will not be involved.

The item I received has been broken or is not as described in the listing. What do I do?


-       Please see above for Kargoe’s Return Policy.

Order Fulfillment

I made a sale! How do I ship?


-       Awesome! First off, whichever service you use, it’s required that you ship with a verifiable tracking number in order to be covered by PayPal’s Seller Protection.  We recommend you ship in a USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail box, they include a tracking number and 2-3 day delivery. Be sure to package the item securely and double check that what you have written or printed displays the correct recipient and address. Be sure to ship within 7 days of confirming the order.


Before you package the item, be sure to take pictures documenting the item’s condition and what the package looks like before you send it off.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to snap a shot of the box and shipping label before you ship it off. Any documentation you have about your items condition will help settle any potential dispute much faster.


What are the shipping rates on Kargoe?


-       Shipping is included in the listing price for all My Shop items listed for sale on Kargoe. Merchant sales items display an amount chosen by the merchant.  It is up to the My Shop seller to factor shipping into their item’s listing price.

How does “Meet Up” work?

-    Sellers designate their preferred Meet Up spot when they list an item for sale.  When you make a purchase and select “Meet Up,” Kargoe will prompt you to message the seller and schedule a time to meet. Once you meet up and make the exchange, be sure to rate the transaction in your Alerts.

How does Postmates work with Kargoe? 

When available, you can check out with postmates. The vendor will get the order, pack up the item and request a postmates courier. The purchaser will need to be available for the delivery. The purchaser can track the courier by going to Kargolytics and tap on the Bought tab, tap on track, to see the progress of the delivery.  Note the time it take the vendor to pack up the item can vary.

How To

How can I report bad behavior or listings?


-       If you notice spam, offensive behavior or activity that violates our Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions please report it.  You can flag listings simply by clicking on the Post’s three dot menu, tap report, and select the type of report you want to make. You can also block a user by going to their profile page and clicking the red button.


How are conflicts between community members resolved?


-       Kargoe is a community. As members of the same community we encourage everyone to be nice or be gone!


That being said, conflicts may arise and measures are in place to protect both the buyer and seller. PayPal’s conflict resolution policies are used to resolve transactional conflicts between buyers and sellers. If anything else is bothering you please report the problem to us at support@kargoe.com.

How does Kargoe manage my personal data and information?

-  Generally, what you post is yours. For information regarding your personal data, please reference our Privacy Policy.

I have more questions! Who do I contact?


-       If you haven’t found the answers you’re looking for, contact us at support@kargoe.com.

Updated: 3/30/17