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The Social WEcommerce

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The Power Is Yours.


As a kargoer, make solid cash by endorsing your favorite designs, brands, or anything else you don’t own! Donate it to a charity, or buy something awesome from a fellow kargoer!

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We are Heretics.

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We’ve created WEcommerce to bring you and the World together. You will create a cash flow by sharing your great style, attitude, and creativity with the world. Don’t be a tool! We give you the tools to socially and economically do well.

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Make An Impact.


We will change our world together through kargoe by promoting and donating to the charities we all admire. “A picture speaks a thousand words, with kargoe a picture is millions of actions!”

- Founder, Kenneth Willardt

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Why kargoe?

Created for social media enthusiast’s to Shop, Sell and Save in one place.

With societies online presence ever growing, social media platforms have allowed us to express ourselves through videos, pictures, posts, tweets, and hashtags - it has become the primary way in which we connect and interact with brands, labels and products.

Kargoe is the world’s first conscious-driven social marketplace that seamlessly links social media with e-commerce whilst supporting an ongoing number of great charities.

Kargoe bridges the act of inspiration to action.


Shop. Sell. Save

Find inspiration and shop your favorite products in the one place from friends, influencers and brands whilst simultaneously giving to charities who stand to make the world a better place.

Kargoe is a disruptive social media platform that enables you to sell the products you create, make money from the products you promote or trade items you no longer desire.

Kargoe allows you to showcase your style whilst generating money from sales — it literally pays to look good!

With Kargoe save more than just money — help save the world! Kargoe donate 5% of all sales to variety of charities, and as a Kargoer we give YOU the power to select which charities you wish to donate to. The charities we encompass are all striving towards one common goal - helping to better and save the wonderful world that we live in.

We are Kargoe

”Our world does not need another billionaire, or Corporation who gives dividends back to their rich share holders nor do we need another nation to waste their citizens hard earned money on conflict and chaos. While other business ventures cause detriment to Mother Earth - we at kargoe have clear intentions and a mission to clean up our oceans; with huge nets we’ll gather the plastics and debris, sail it to ports where it will be sorted, recycled, and burnt in Danish designed zero emissions power plants. Powered by an army of heretics from every generation, we will do this!

We will inspire and show the world our unified minds can do anything! We don’t need to go to Mars for we still have work to accomplish here on Mother Earth - she needs us and we need her.

Next on our list will be to empower Earth with windmills and solar farms - funded by selling the energy created through burning the plastics derived from the oceans.

Let’s kargoe together as one human family, come join our movement and mission, be part of something you can believe in!!

What is kargoe, it’s a movement by the people for Mother Earth!”

~ Founder, Kenneth Willardt