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The Social MEcommerce

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We Are Rebels.

By disrupting the hierarchy, we’ve created MEcommerce. Now its time for you to get credit and make real cash off your creativity.

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The Power Is Yours.

As a "kargoer", sell the stuff you create, design or don’t desire any longer! Take the cash you earn, donate, save up, or buy something from a friend.

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Make An Impact.

We have so many charities that "kargoers" promote & donate to through kargoe-care! We are all people on one planet. We will change this world together on kargoe.

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Why Kargoe?

“Our world does not need another billionaire, or Corporation who gives dividends back to their rich share holders nor do we need another nation to waste their citizens hard earned money on conflict and chaos. While other business ventures cause detriment to Mother Earth - we at kargoe have clear intentions and a mission to clean up our oceans; with huge nets we’ll gather the plastics and debris, sail it to ports where it will be sorted, recycled, and burnt in Danish designed zero emissions power plants. Powered by an army of heretics from every generation, we will do this!

We will inspire and show the world our unified minds can do anything! We don’t need to go to Mars for we still have work to accomplish here on Mother Earth - she needs us and we need her.

Next on our list will be to empower Earth with windmills and solar farms - funded by selling the energy created through burning the plastics derived from the oceans.

Let’s kargoe together as one human family, come join our movement and mission, be part of something you can believe in!!

What is kargoe, it’s a movement by the people for Mother Earth!”

~ Founder, Kenneth Willardt