The Social MEcommerce

Inverting the pyramid for the 99%

kargoe is a mobile social shopping community that enables users, or kargoers, to endorse, sell and shop products directly from fellow kargoers’ social media posts. 

Rather than dropping kargoers' an empty bag of ‘likes’, we respectfully offer them monetary exchange for posting their creative content. 

The utmost result of kargoe is the ability to deliver a high percentage of revenue to the retailer, brand and endorser, driven by impulse and emotion.

kargoe's camera is top notch! It’s got savvy editing features, filters, a barcode scanner, two-way capturing ability and a collage creator- to list a few.

Capture the products you’ve chosen to endorse, with kargoe's 3D Tilt Camera - it allows you to share in detail your objects magnificence!

Take a photo, create a video, locate designs you adore in kargoe's search engine. Place a tag on it and receive 15% - 20% each time your followers click “Shop It”, an complete the sale.


"An image used to be worth a thousand words, with kargoe it's millions actions."